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NEN 4400-2 keurmerk SNA (UK)

NEN 4400-2 (SNA certification) is a Dutch labour standard for companies that have their registered office outside the Netherlands.

Are you a company located outside The Netherlands? And do you want to provide staff or take on work in The Netherlands? Get your NEN 4400-2 certification with Bureau Cicero!

Benefits of the NEN 4400-2 certification

Companies certified according to the NEN-4400-2 standard distinguish themselves as reliable staffing organisations or subcontractors. These companies work with staff who are authorised to work in the Netherlands and pay taxes and social contributions correctly and according to Dutch laws and regulations.

For you as a company it is important to be certified. Your clients know that using the services of a NEN-4400-2 certified staffing organization or a subcontractor is vital for them. The reason for this is, that this makes sure that they are not at risk of liabilities as a consequence of the Dutch law (Wet Inlenersaansprakelijkheid and Wet Ketenaansprakelijkheid). In the future this will become even more important. Due to stricter legislation recently, more and more clients request NEN 4400-2 as a standard from their suppliers.

Objectives of NEN 4400-2

NEN 4400-2 is developed for foreign companies that perform work in the Netherlands. These are companies that provide staff or take on work.

The NEN 4400-2 standard specifies requirements for:

  • your company;
  • the personnel administration at your company;
  • your payroll administration;
  • the financial administration;
  • the user/posting situation and outsourcing of work within your company.

Certification according to NEN 4400-2 restricts commercial risks in relation to employment, which can be limited. Consider, for instance, the risks under the Wages and Salaries Tax and Social Security Contributions Act (Liability of Subcontractors), and user company liability, and risks related to illegal employment. With NEN 4400-2 certification you know whether or not your company is compliant with Dutch legislation and regulations.

NEN 4400-2 certification with Bureau Cicero

NEN 4400-2 certification with Bureau Cicero means that Bureau Cicero will monitor your company regularly to make sure it is complying with the terms of NEN 4400-2. In that respect, Bureau Cicero reviews observance of, for instance, the Terms of the Employment (Cross-border Work) Act, the Placement of Personnel by Intermediaries Act and the availability of the correct documentation.


Bureau Cicero understands your business

Bureau Cicero is a professional and dynamic company. Our auditors have a background in financial services. A number of them held an entrepreneurial role within the staffing agency business. Therefore we understand what it means to be an entrepreneur. Our auditors speak English as well as German. You can be sure that any audit is carried out by an experienced senior professional.

We aim to audit your company in an enjoyable way. Because of this, we aim to send you the same auditor to perform the audits at your company. This enhances intimate understanding of your business. Occasionally, another auditor will be assigned to your company. This is required for maintaining a fresh view at your company, while at the same time meeting SNA regulations.

Providing information

Do you have questions for us as a foreign company? We are there for you! And we also provide information about developments in the field of legislation and regulations related to your business in the Netherlands. Please feel free to discuss these topics with your auditor.

Do you want a NEN 4400-2 certification? Fill in our offer form or contact us by telephone at +31(0)38 7200821 of by email: contact@cicero.nl.

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