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NEN 4400-2 – The certification for foreign firms

Are you an employment agency or a secondment agency outside the Netherlands? Or do you take on work from abroad as a contractor or subcontractor? Then you should be inspected for the NEN 4400-2 standard by Bureau Cicero and be included in the SNA register. Your clients want to be certain that they don’t run the risk of additional assessments and fines. For example, the NEN 4400-2 checks that you meet your obligations as an employer and place employees that are allowed to work in the Netherlands.

The NEN 4400-2 standard

NEN 4400-2 sets requirements for organizations established abroad that second and lend personnel to subcontractors. When a company has had a positive NEN4400-2 inspection, it receives the SNA quality mark. Companies that hire personnel or outsource work are best done through an organization with such a positive NEN 4400-2 inspection result. As a result, they are better protected against:

  • fraud and illegality
  • claims that may arise from the hirer’s and chain liability (eg taxes and premiums that have not been paid)
  • high fines for working with employees who are not entitled to work in the Netherlands or whose identity has not been (correctly) established

The standard was created by the industry itself in consultation with companies from the business community and trade unions. The standard is applicable to all companies that send or second staff, even if they do so as a subcontractor. The Labor Standards Foundation (SNA or Stichting Normering Arbeid) monitors the correct application of the standard.

The register

NEN 4400-2

All companies with a positive NEN-4400 inspection result are included in the Labor Standards Register. But how many are there? Companies are subscribed or deregistered every day. This can be seen in the Overview of Notified Enterprises and in the Labor Standards Register. The current overview can be found at www.normeringarbeid.nl. In 2018, more than 4,600 companies were registered in the Labor Standards Register.

NEN 4400-2 inspection? Choose Cicero

If you wish for your company to be inspected for the NEN 4400-2 standard, it’s best to have this done by Bureau Cicero. Our inspectors all have a business background. They understand what it means to be certified and are focused on helping your business move forward. They do this by providing information about the standard and how it can be applied in practice. Moreover, they speak good English and German.

What does Bureau Cicero do during an inspection?

Our inspector inspects your company’s data and procedures. Based on this, he determines whether your company meets the standard’s requirements. The inspector checks parts of:

  • the general administration
  • the personnel administration – Is the personnel data correct? Is all data correct, complete and processed in the personnel administration on time?
  • payroll administration – Has all data been entered correctly, completely and on time, so that the administration is reliable?
  • the financial administration – Is the financial administration correct, complete and actual? Are all obligations regarding payroll taxes and turnover tax fulfilled?

The inspector also checks (a sample of) personnel files. Depending on the situation, he/she may still assess specific requirements. The inspector also checks whether there is a procedure for applying collectively agreed wages. However, he or she does not check whether your company actually complies with the Collective Labor Agreement. If your company meets the standard, you will receive the assessment letter.

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Day 1
You register your company at the SNA and pay the registration fee

Step 2: Confirmation of registration

Day 4
Bureau Cicero automatically receives a confirmation of registration from the SNA when you have payed the registration fee. Your company will be visible in the pre-register.

Step 3: You will receive a confirmation and a preparation document

Day 5
U receive an email from Bureau Cicero with information about the neccesary preparations and what you can expect the upcomming time.

Step 4: Planning the inspection date

10 workdays
Our auditor will get in contact with you to plan the inspection date and to discuss the preperations. Offcourse there will be time to discuss any questions and go throught the proces. Use the time untill the inspection date to prepare the inspection as good as possible.

Step 5: Inspection

<6-8 weeks
The inspection takes place, a good preparation will avoid any unnecessary extra time spend by the auditor and get you a lot faster trough the whole process.

Step 6: Inspection certificate

< 3 weeks after inspection
If you passed the inspection, you will receive the final certificate, we also share the certificat with the SNA.

Visible in the SNA register

< 5 workdays
A few days after you received our report and certificate the SNA will make sure you will be visible in their register. Congratiulations! You and your customers can now download the official registration document when clicking on your companies name in the register

Information and quote

Would you like to know more about the NEN 4400-2 certification? We are happy to tell you more and answer any questions you may have! Please contact us by phone on 038 – 7200821 or by email: info@cicero.nl.

If you would like to receive a quote for the inspection for your company, please fill out our quote form below.

Bureau Cicero, the inspection body for NEN 4400-2!