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What is the Labour Standards Register?

The Labour Standards Register (The Register) is the public register of businesses that receives a positive outcome report based on NEN 4400-1 or NEN 4400-2 inspection performed by a inspection company such as Bureau Cicero. The Register can be consulted here.

List of Notified Companies

In addition to The Register, there also is a List of Notified Companies (aangemelde ondernemingen). Companies that apply for a inspection and have enrolled on the website are included in this list. Registered businesses will appear only once in the Notified Companies list and for a maximum period of 3 months. By appearing on the List of Notified Companies, a company can show their customers that it’s taking the proper steps to obtain an inspection certificate based on NEN 4400.

To get enrolled a company should register via de SNA website. This can be done digitally on the website, or via a pdf form.